Sunbelt Fastener

Purse Hardware
Sunbelt Fastener carries purse chain, purse frames, handles, feet, magnetic snaps and handbag hooks.
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Purse Frames Purse Handles Purse Chain
PurseFeetNew-3Colors-640166-4A-Small.jpg (5818 bytes) SFBPT-01-Thumb-374760-3.jpg (5743 bytes) PurseHandleClipsLargeSizeAll-Thumb-374760-16.jpg (8021 bytes)
Purse Feet Purse Toggles Purse Handle Clips
RivetsIcon374760-14.jpg (5229 bytes) CollarStudsGroupIcon-374760-10.jpg (5692 bytes) MagneticSnaps-All4Colors-769792-2-Collage200x117.jpg (7582 bytes)
Rivets Collar Studs Magnetic Snaps
HandbagHooks-AllTypesAllColors-769792-23-Small.jpg (9372 bytes) CigarPurseHardwareIcon-Thumb.jpg (7812 bytes) SFPC-01All-Thumb-773784-18.jpg (6111 bytes)
Handbag Hooks Cigar Box Purse Hardware Purse Clamps


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