Sunbelt Fastener

Magnetic Purse Snaps
Sunbelt Fastener carries 4 finishes and 3 different sizes of Magnetic Purse Snaps.
Our snaps our US Patented, each item # includes male, female and two washers.
Choose from 18mm (3/4"), 14mm (9/16") or 10mm (1/4").
SFMS-N01-Thumb-374760-5.jpg (6248 bytes) SFMS-BN01-Thumb-878333-19A.jpg (5241 bytes) SFMS-G01-Thumb-374760-4.jpg (6812 bytes) SFMS-AB01-Thumb-878333-16A.jpg (5253 bytes)
Nickel Black Nickel Gold Antique Brass
HiddenSnaps-2Sizes-769792-4-Small.jpg (5939 bytes)
Hidden Magnetic Purse Snap
18mm & 14mm


Sunbelt has a large selection of Purse Hardware.

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