Sunbelt Fastener

Sunbelt Fastener grommets are made of solid Brass and are available in Brass, Nickel or Flat Black Finishes.
Call for additional sizes not shown.
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Hole Sizes

Item Number

arrow.gif (47 bytes)  3/16" SFG-3-16
arrow.gif (47 bytes)  1/4" SFG-1-4
arrow.gif (47 bytes)  9/32" SFG-9-32
arrow.gif (47 bytes)  3/8" SFG-3-8
arrow.gif (47 bytes)  7/16" SFG-7-16
arrow.gif (47 bytes)  1/2" SFG-1-2
arrow.gif (47 bytes)  5/8" SFG-5-8
To order correct Item number add color suffix.
B - Brass, N - Nickel or FB - Flat Black


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