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Cigar Box Purse Hardware
Sunbelt Fastener carries a complete line of Cigar Box Purse Hardware. Other finishes available.
SFPH-R08-418437-17-Thumb.jpg (7873 bytes) SFPH-R09D-418435-4A-Thumb.jpg (8353 bytes) SFPH-R09L-418437-16-Thumb.jpg (8027 bytes)
Wood Handle
Rattan Purse Handle
SFPH-R09D (Dark Shown)
Rattan Purse Handle
SFPH-R09L (Light Shown)
SFPH-R21-640797-19A-Thumb.jpg (5385 bytes) SFCB-L01B-Thumb-640777-13A.jpg (4657 bytes) SFCB-L02BR-Thumb-640777-11A.jpg (4956 bytes)
Rattan Purse Handle
Cigar Box Non-Lock Catch
SFCB-L01BR (Solid Brass)
Cigar Box Non-Lock Catch
SFCB-L03N-Thumb-640777-4A.jpg (5285 bytes) SFCB-LL01BR-Thumb-640777-10A.jpg (5687 bytes) SFCB-LL02BR-Thumb-640777-8A.jpg (5710 bytes)
Cigar Box Non-Lock Catch
Cigar Box Locking Catch
SFCB-LL01BR (Solid Brass)
Cigar Box Draw Bolt Lock
SFCB-LL02BR (Solid Brass)
SFCB-LL03BR-Thumb-640777-5A.jpg (5410 bytes) SFCB-LL04BR-Thumb-640777-2A.jpg (5028 bytes) SFCB-H01BR-Thumb-640777-12A.jpg (4292 bytes)
Cigar Box Locking Catch
Cigar Box Tuck-tite Catch
SFCB-LL04BR (Solid Brass)
Cigar Box Case Hinge
SFCB-H01BR (Solid Brass)

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